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I'm Matt.

I'm excited that you're here!

I love meeting people.

I love to teach and I love to learn even more.

If you’d like to book me for your podcast, a lecture, panel, or other audience - just reach out. I draw from experiences founding 3 businesses in the health space, from a brick and mortar clinic, to online services, to product. I’ve bootstrapped. I’ve raised capital. I’ve been through accelerator programs. I’ve experienced founder breakups first hand, sold a business, and seen my sketches on a napkin turn into reality enough times to know it’s possible for everyone to dream big and have a crack.

Here’s a list of topics I enjoy having conversations around:

  • Exploring the barriers to innovation for health professionals.

  • The awkwardness of running a global brand with local legislation.

  • From services to product - my path from the treatment table to an MVP.

  • How to save time and pain as an early-stage founder.
    Tips, tricks and an assortment of (painful) learnings on my way to market.

  • Why more non-medical doctors should embrace innovation.
    Hint: they’ve got a front seat to the inefficiencies of our medical industry;
    aka valuable, unique insights you only get through experience.

  • Why medicine is notoriously bad at innovating. Did you know the average time from study to implementation is 17 years? VC’s do, that’s why they’re slow to back health tech companies.


Reach out,

I'd love to hear from you.