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Treatment is like sugar.

Build a body that

doesn't need treatment

to feel good.

Matt the Mindful Myo

Matthew Green

Hi, I'm Matthew. I've been in clinical practice for 10 years, focusing on chronic pelvic conditions. I started my clinic, Mindful Myo, in 2012, before co-founding The OP Clinic in 2015, one of Australia's first online-only clinics.


My new project is BodyGuide. It's an app that builds exercise programs for people in pain. 

BodyGuide helps people better understand their bodies, so that they can invest in their physical health. It’s my contribution to the body literacy problem that sits behind the bulk of clinical work. As an industry, we need to democratise access to information - creating-high trust, low-cost tools that encourage early intervention.


I no longer keep regular clinic hours, but will occasionally take on new patients. You can reach out here.  


I am available for speaking and mentoring roles in the health, education and start up space.


When my Osteitis Pubis started, I was in a bad way.

I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the season. After 6 weeks with Matt, I was back on the field,

feeling as strong as ever.





body literacy

for good.


BodyGuide is a mobile application that builds exercise and education programs for people in pain. Click on the area you're having trouble with, answer some questions, and get a personal program in under 2 minutes.

Easy anatomy lessons, exercise tutorials and self massage techniques allow you to start working on the problem, when it suits you.


Osteitis Pubis



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Collaborating on workplace safety protocols and health-tech integrations.


Member of RMIT's

Activator program.

Informal mentoring role with the pre-accelerator program.

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Supporting employees and stakeholders navigate onsite exercise and health services. Focused on preventing off-work injuries.


BodyGuide won selection for the MEL20 accelerator cohort. Top 16/600